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We are a luxury travel management company dedicated to creating unique, authentic experiences that engage and indulge your senses. We specialize in customized tours in the Indian subcontinent, created for discerning travelers who expect the highest level of luxury, service, and attention to detail.

We at Life Long Club have strived to raise the bar in experiential travel with luxury journeys, specially crafted and designed to suit each client’s personal style, schedule and travel preferences.

India’s vibrant culture, unique spiritual heritage, ancient traditions, breathtaking landscapes and warm hospitality will enthrall you and dazzle your senses. But India can also be daunting, frenetic, chaotic and overwhelming and this is where we step in. Our team of on call travel specialists will help you to create your perfect luxury holiday defined by your desires, inclinations and impulses.

We understand and believe that travel should be enjoyable, amazing, intriguing, exciting, unforgettable and even life-changing. What sets us apart from the others is our commitment to provide our clients transformative experiences that are stress-free, without the pressure of time, without compromises, where every need is pre-empted and every expectation is met or exceeded.

That for us is the definition of "Luxury"

India is the most diverse of all nations and a remarkable blend of cultures, traditions, rituals with a spectacular topography. Anywhere you go you will discover a potpourri of color, culture and character – land of incredible contrasts and paradoxes, timeless yet constantly evolving. From opulent Heritage hotels and formidable forts to palatial palaces, from the narrow lanes with colorful bustling bazaars to the wide tree-lined perfectly manicured boulevards, the decadence and mysticism of India will overwhelm you, indulge you, and even transform your life.

With such a wide array of extravagances and varied range of encounters, you are bound to be confused. Our passionate travel specialists with their expertise and unrivalled knowledge help to create and design your very own personal itinerary, tailored to fit your interests, inclinations, desires, preferences and budget.

Thanks to our grassroots approach to travel (a strong local presence, extensive knowledge, no middle men and direct contact with Hotels and transporters), we keep operational costs low to facilitate tours that are rewarding and enriching.

With a team of experienced, passionate travelers, we plan, execute and implement your trip like we'd plan one for ourselves. So leave the stress of planning your holiday with us. We believe that the planning of a trip should be as relaxing as the travelling itself. Choose from our carefully crafted bouquet of itineraries, which have been tried and tested by our clients. Allow us to turn your travel dreams into reality with our trademark brand of hospitality and flawless service.

Whether you are a couple, travelling in a group or a single woman traveler, your security and safety is our utmost priority. On arrival, you will receive a sim card at a nominal charge for your entire length of the stay with all the emergency contact numbers and numbers of your travel specialists who will always be just a phone call away. So embark on this wonderful and transformative journey and discover India with a unique perspective.

Tips Before Travel

Bring copies of your passport / Documents

Keep a copy of the passport and documnet at home and also with your travel partner

Register with your embassy

By registering your trip, you help the embassy locate you when you might need them the most.

Always have local cash

Some establishments, such as stores, restaurants or even hotels may not accept credit card payment, and you'll need to carry cash at all times

Arrangement & Helps

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